Pine in black

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Hello. Please date me. I own a lot of DVDs.

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Dean + favourite quotes [1/5]

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Harry Potter books - first and last lines

inspiration [x]

sam/dean + dean’s nicknames/pet names for sam

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Zoe Saldana for GQ

Best Winchester Brotherly Bonding Scenes 

Sometimes Dean gets cursed, gets scared due to a curse or just plain scared because of things like flying and Sam steps into make sure he is okay. These ones are special because under normal circumstances Dean is always the one looking after Sam instead of letting Sam look after him because he thinks as the big brother, it’s his responsibility. In these moments Sam takes on the big brother role and makes sure Dean is safe because he looks so vulnerable and without a doubt adorable.

a starship runs also on loyalty to one man
and nothing can raplace it, or him.

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